Hand Drafted Architectural Elevations

We work very closely with our clients in order to produce clear, accurate, detailed had drawn architectural elevations true to the final construction. Visiting the site regularly and working along side any 3rd party construction / architect / interior design team or individual the client may request is something we are very happy to undertake. At Amber Construction we are equally committed to seeing a project through from start to finish whether it is a design of our own or that of another company or architect.

Hand Drafted Architectural Floor Plans

Designing accurate layouts and architectural floors plans is driven by interaction with our clients. We get to know your preferred style, how you intend to use certain spaces and guide you and your vision from a floor plan to a physical reality. At Amber Construction we actively encourage you to share your inspirations, photographic materials, items of furniture, other houses etc in order to build a collective creative direction for the project to follow. We cater to your every need from built ins to staircases, fireplaces to kitchens our team of highly skilled craftsmen are equipped to create virtually any concepts and execute them exactly as intended.