amber construction & Design

Amber Construction & Design has been creating elegant yet wonderfully livable structures for over two decades, fashioning uinque and timeless spaces - sophisticated yet functional, classic but cozy. Using our design and building experience, we collaborate with clients to bring ideas to fruition.

While generally neoclassic in approach, we bring to projects of all kinds a sense of beauty, quality and pleasure. Creation and renovation are exciting processes and it is important to us that our clients enjoy the process as much as we do.

Ground-to-roof builds, historical renovation and restoration, innovative remodeling - all projects are approached with care, control and a fierce attention to detail. Our goal is, working with clients who appreciate our level of excellence, to construct spaces that combine classic esthetics with a comfortable, gracious environment.

81B River Road
Collinsville, CT 06019

Phone: 860-693-0040